Community Engagement in Scouting – Survey

What kind of community engagement events are Scouts involved in? We are currently collecting survey information on how Scouting engages in local communities. This can be anything from visiting an aged care facility with your Cubs, to the local bottle drive that your Group does every weekend. We’re looking for all kinds of examples from the local communities and we want YOU to fill out our survey!

If you’re experiencing a bit of déjà vu, we did run a survey on community engagement earlier this year – we’ve not forgotten about it! That survey was only open to a select group of participants; this is a follow up to that survey. Even if you’ve already helped us out with that survey, we’d still love your help on this one.  This survey is almost entirely multiple choice,so it shouldn’t take you longer than about 15 minutes, and we need as many responses as possible. Share it with all of your Scouting friends, and help out Frankston patrol!

Visit the following link to take part in the survey:

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