Centenary of Cub Scouting – Activity for Cubs

Calling all Cub Leaders!

In 2016, we’ll be celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the Cub Scout section, and we want it to be amazing.

We’re looking for help from all Cubs and Cub leaders out there, to come up with some ideas that will be sure to make it the greatest anniversary ever.

To help you help us, we at Frankston have put together a little worksheet for you to do with your Cubs.

The tricky bit – we need it back by the 10th of February. Yes, most of the time we’re giving you is over the summer break.

Unfortunately we need to have all the ideas put together in time for a National meeting in late Feb, hence the awkward timing.

But the good news – we don’t mind how you get the Cubs involved.

If you can run this short activity (it’ll take about twenty minutes) at your Pack night, then you’re amazing.

But if not, we’d love it if you could send it home to your Cubs and ask them to do it with their parents. Or perhaps you have a Pack holiday you could take it on? We don’t mind where it’s done or how – anything’s better than nothing!

So where can you get this worksheet? Right here! And we’ve put together a Leader’s Guide too, to give you all the background information you could need. This includes information about how to submit the worksheets.

Any questions? Make sure you’ve read the guide first, but if we don’t answer your question there, just leave a comment below or send us an email at pl.frankston@nyc.scouts.com.au.

Thanks for all your help, and we look forward to hearing all your Cubs’ incredible ideas!


UPDATE (13/12/2013): Cubs and leaders in NSW, keep an eye out at your Cuboree this January for the worksheets going round – we’ve just had word that they’ll be available for you to complete and hand in onsite. Thanks NSW for organising this for us.

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