Our newest Patrol!

The Frankston Patrol of 2014/2015 has change the name of their Patrol to the Nyeri Patrol.

This is for a variety of reasons, for example;
– Frankston is the only Patrol name that is also a well known suburb.  When people mention ‘Frankston’ the initial thought is usually the suburb, not the place of the first Australian Jamboree – whereas the other patrol names; Brownsea, Gilwell and Olympia are very obviously Scouting related.
– Unlike the other Patrol names, Frankston is a place of Australian significance only.  If reports from Frankston were taken to an international audience, the name would have less significance than that of the other patrols.

Frankston Patrol spent time looking at influential places and Scouters to be the new name of the patrol.  We considered things like; Lock Patrol, Smith Patrol, Nichols Patrol and Nyeri Patrol.  In the end, Nyeri Patrol was the name most favoured by the current patrol.

Nyeri was picked based on the following reasons:
– Nyeri is the final resting place for Lord Baden Powell, and is a place of pilgrimage for many Scouts around the world.
– Nyeri is a significant Scouting place, and fits in with the theme of the other NYC Patrols being the name of places.
– Nyeri was a place of great significance for Baden Powell.  He once wrote:  “The nearer to Nyeri, the nearer to bliss”.

The name ‘Frankston’ will always hold a significant place in the NYC and Scouts Australia, but as an evolving body we believe that the name change best meets the needs of the Patrol and the NYC at this time.

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