International Funds Allocation Report

africa trip 4

The National Youth Council was approached by Neville Tomkins (International Commissioner of Scouts Australia) to propose ideas on how the International Funds Committee could best utilise its funds to support youth members in attending international Scouting events and participating in international Scouting activities. After consulting as a Patrol and with other members of the council, we have prepared the following recommendations for the committee’s review. They been prepared based on key topic areas identified in consultation with the topic proposal, of which are listed as follows:
➢ Contingent Management Team grants
➢ Foreign representation at Australian Events
➢ Emphasis on individuals’ motivation for hardship grants
➢ Suitable age ranges for funding
➢ Marketing of assistance available
As always, the Council is open to further investigation of any ideas discussed below, and would appreciate any feedback the committee has to assist us in our own efforts going forward.

International Funds for Youth Report FINAL

Photo Credit: 1st Caringbah Venturers(NSW)

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