Design a New Section

Scouts Australia’s National Youth Council in collaboration with the Youth Program Review are in need of your ideas! As part of Designing Tomorrow’s Scouts Australia, we need to generate some big ideas for Stage 4 Youth Program Review Teams to use in their initial development of our possible new program. This is your opportunity to be creative and innovative in imagining what a section in tomorrow’s Scouts Australia could look like. We want everyone to have a go at this, from your local Joey Mob to your Branch Rover Council, everyone should participate, even leaders and fellowships.

How to run this activity information.

Activity Introduction Letter

Design a Section Activity

All ideas will be read by both the National Youth Council and collated for the Stage 4 Teams, so that during their week long camp in July, they have a great basis of information to Design Tomorrow. Once you have completed the activity, please return your ideas through the online form on this page. All submissions need to be in by 01/07/2015.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Youth Program Review Website FAQS

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to reading all of your ideas.

If you want to find want to find out more about the Youth Program Review, or to apply to be apart of the Stage 4 Teams, head to the youth program website.

Ben Hoare-Ward
NYC Member – Topic Patrol Leader

3 thoughts on “Design a New Section

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  2. Hi Team

    I have submitted 5 responses to the Design a New Seciton Activity. We conducted the activity on a recent PL/APL Training Course and I was pleased withe the Scouts’ involvement. I have now circulateg the program to all ACT Scout Troops in the hope that they will participate.


    Alan Murray
    BC Scouts – ACT Branch

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