MyWorld 2015



Hey everyone!

Have you heard about the United Nations MyWorld 2015 campaign?
No? Well now’s your chance!

In 2000, the United Nations Millennium Summit adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration, by which all 189 member countries committed to achieve 8 goals by 2015. These became known as the Millennium Development Goals. They are:


The aim was to achieve these goals by 2015, and now the United Nations needs your help!

By 2015, new goals need to be set, and we need your valuable opinions to send to the United Nations.

The link below is to a survey, in which you need to fill in 6 preferences for what you would like the future goals to be.

The survey takes no more than 2 minutes. Thank you and good luck!

If you have any queries, would like further information, or would just like to talk to someone friendly and super amazing, feel free to contact us with the form below, or email

Jake Alker
NYC Member
MYWORLD2015 Project Manager



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